Americans produce approximately 250 million tons of trash annually and they are only recycling 34 percent of that total produce. Many statistics show appalling waste tendencies regardless of environmental awareness. Waste management’s complexity has never been extremely great previously. Because of that, the waste management industry hires almost half a million workers who will do the massive job of disposing of approximately 4.4 pounds of trash for each American 24/7

In order to combat such challenges and to neutralize the bad effects of the environment’s landfill waste, the industry is looking for ways and methods to revamp disposal systems and waste management for improved environmental protection and superior efficiency. Here are 6 major waste management technology that greatly innovated the waste handling process and made all things a lot easier: 

Modernization of landfill 

Binding the power of scale and science, the industry of waste management was able to modernize garbage dumps. Landfills, which are highly-engineered that conform with state regulations and federal guarantee total protection of the surrounding environment and human health. Solar panel systems that are incorporated with geomembrane are allowing sustainable energy production while avoiding carbon from getting inside the environment again. 

Rapid turnaround times 

Leading companies for waste management have invested in customer-facing and feature-rich technology as well. They are using easy to use mobile applications to simplify fast service, additional pickups, and bill payment with the help of push alert. Technology has ultimately minimized the cost and complexity of today’s waste management systems, which makes them a lot productive, safer, and efficient while minimizing their impact on the environment.  

Improved safety 

Waste management and recycling firms are creating continuous efforts to boost safety, which is the most important aspect of every company that runs a lot of 30-ton trucks all over residential places. Such companies’ drivers are asked to do thorough training at chosen facilities to minimize the injuries and accidents’ rate. 

Automated collection of waste  

Nowadays, technology has changed the manner waste management functions with automatic sensors intended to trigger immediate signals each time a container needs service and full. Some innovative equipment, which makes the sorting process easy and fast, includes advanced disk screens, magnets, and optical sorters. Moreover, the trucks have changed from diesel to natural gas for cost-effective and quieter operations. The utilization of logistic mobile apps, in-vehicle monitors and software has made the process of waste management a lot easier while guaranteeing the safety of the driver.  

Enhanced recycling rates 

Waste management and recycling firms are investing in enhancing their techniques and tools. The newest innovation in single-stream recycling, where people could dump the entire waste within one bin, has minimized the sorting problem on people. Due to this, the recycling is drastically improved and this also minimized the remission and the truck count. 

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